Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Equine Fever

One of the fringe benefits of living in a hick town

Move Over Riley

Oh Yes. Kimmee turned two on Sunday and she's living up to the reputation of a two-year-old. Monday morning I woke up to Caroline informing me that Kimmee got poop all over the bedroom. Not an entirely new experience (unfortunately) but definately not something you want to start off your day. After the survey of the room, I decided that I would move the girls to the kitchen table for Kix and milk. Kimmee then proceeded to pour the milk on the table and help it to seep into the hymnal that was left there after our Sunday trek to church. Seeing that breakfast was out... I moved the girls into the living room for coloring. While I finished cleaning the mess on the table and steam cleaned the carpet in the girls room, I returned to a sleeper sofa stuffed with broken crayons.

KIMMEE - YOU'RE FIRED, I texted to Randy.

To help me not committ a crime that would involve jail time, I removed Kim to her bedroom. Once I finished removing 129 or so little pieces of crayon out of my decrepit couch I peeked in the bedroom. I'll give you one guess what Kimmee was doing; Getting into trouble AGAIN! All of the Pull-ups that were stacked neatly on the shelf (a shelf that she had to climb 3 feet to get to) were unceremoniously thrown down on the ground.

Tonight Randy saw something on our DirecTV guide that concisely describes Kim to a "T."