Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Free Time

So what do you think I do with all my free time?

Kimmee's teacher was nice enough to let me get creative with their bulletin board. I had so much fun with my friend Julie making all of this. Now the kids have a fresh/fun space to look at. Mrs. Page will be putting up flowers with the kids pictures in the center on the board this week. Can't wait!

Singing in the Rain

We had the pleasure of Haydn and Hallee's company at KHS's performance last Saturday. These inseperable girls sat 2 to a seat and hand tons of fun styling their hair with their new flower clips. It was great to hear 'YUUUUUCK' when the actors were kissing. I'd pay good money if they'd keep saying that until they were 18!

Family is Forever

It's such a blessing to have grandparents for the kids to play with. It's especially nice to see that they're enjoying their Grandma's and Grandpa's company.

For instance, Cambria (Little Miss Independent) would not cuddle with anyone last Sunday at G&G Peterson's. However, right at the end of the visit, she figured that it was fun to play with Great Grandpa's toes. He was rewarded with the best cuddle time of the day.

It's also nice when my Mom and Dad come to pay a visit. The girls really warm up to my Dad quick. Maybe it's because of the stash of bribery chocolate he's got in his coat pocket!

Play Ball

This year Caroline and Kimmee get to play on the same team. Being her 3rd year, Caroline has got some wicked softball skills. Kimmee on the other hand.... .well, let's just say she's the highlight of the game. Her first game, when she hit the ball, she ran and picked up the ball, returned it to coach which then prompted her to run to 1st. She then ran, with the bat in hand, to the pitchers mound. She eventually made it to first, where the baseman(girl) laughed so hard, she forgot to tag her out.

That being said, we've had a lot of fun so far. Mommy and Andrew get to spend time playing catch and the girls now have something in common.

The Tongue

Cambria does this side to side tongue thing which makes me laugh, which in turn gives her motivation to do it more, and so on.


.... they don't get along.... Caroline decided to jettison her sister off of the top bunk. Kim thought that landing on her face was a good idea. The ER doctor didn't agree. Luckily, kids are quite bendy and nothing broke. (sigh)


.... they actually get along.

Sleeping Angels

It's so nice when the kids are asleep. I treasure these moments. It'll be fun to show these pics when they bring boyfriends/girlfriends home.

Snow Happens

In this department, Kingman kicks So-Cal's tush. I love the snow; especially when I don't have to shovel it! Most of the snow melted so fast, I didn't even take the time to bundle my kids up, hence the short sleeved tees and flip-flops. Ah, Arizona :)

I always find snow on desert plants a fun irony.

Birthday Bunch

Our spring birthdays came and went fast this year. We've got a February, 2 March and April birthdays. AND two of the birthdays are just 48 hours apart. It get's seriously busy. Needless to say, Mommy opted for simple celebrations.