Saturday, January 10, 2009

Caroline, Kimmee and I had a fun girlie morning. Caroline insisted that she wanted curls, but having no curlers, I did this:
What a patient almost 4-year-old. I just love her!

Good and Bad for Kimmee

I was reminded of a funny thing that Caroline had done for Grandma. She had evidently been pointing at Kimmee with her middle finger. Iit was not a constant thing that she had done, but apparently it was done enough at Mom's house because it caught her attention. Mom told her that we don't point with our middle fingers; that's it's a bad thing to do. She also taught her that we point with our index finger at which point Caroline juxtaposed both her index and middle finger. She then replied to Grandma with her index finger "This is good for Kimmee" and with her middle finger "and this is bad for Kimmee." Kids do the darndest things!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Domestic Goddess Failed

After a wonderful morning including Kimmee running around naked and Caroline waking me up to tell me so, I ventured into my journey to domestic godliness. Randy bought me a Rotisserie/Convection oven for Christmas because we both have become big fans of the yummy chicken that they sell at supermarket delis. Sufficeth to say that using a new piece of equipment, let alone one with a spit with sharp spikes. It took me two hours of trying and failing to balance the chicken on the spit before I pleaded for Randy's help. While he was returning home from work I proceded to burn my left thumb and cut a chunk of skin out of my left pointer knuckle when my hand slipped on the bathroom faucet.
Grandma Pete came to the house to help with the chicken. It took both her and Randy's hands to tie the bird and pin it to the spit. Two hours later.... My kids were so understanding with my culinary dilemma. Caroline said that a funny face would make me feel betterKimmee said ya ya ya ya ya
And little Andrew just wiggled and giggled

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I've been tinkering with different free blog layouts but ended up choosing a background from the cutestblog website that y'all are choosing from. I'll be uploading more things soon so that you can peer into my tiny home and laugh and coo at my family :).

Monday, January 5, 2009

Both Grandma Pete and Mom and have been bugging me to get my blog up. It's quite hard when I'm cleaning up the contents of Kimmee's diaper smear this morning. I'm working on it rather than numbing the brain with various anesthetics such as Final Fantasy or Pogo :). Andrew has learned how to roll over and kick off the covers in his crib so that he doesn't remain asleep for very long (again). It's exciting to see his motor improvement, but It's EXTREMELY tiring. Caroline reads with her leapfrog Tag reader now. She can also recognize all of the family's names including Grandma and Grandpa.