Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Programs

Caroline's class this year performed one of my favorite songs..... I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas. :) Kimmee, like Caroline last year, was too sick to go to school and perform. Poor kid, she cried for hours.

Free Bathtub

When you have a lot of kids, you buy a lot of diapers. That means a lot of Huggies reward points. One of the prizes I redeemed was a blow up baby bathtub for Cambria and a Playschool Cell Phone. Score!

Funny Kids

The kids are silly.... Just like Mom and Dad :)

Christmas Blues

We had a good time in Meadview on Saturday night. Got to visit with GGm and GGp Pete, GGm Barker, Grandma and Grandpa Barker, Auntie Mel Mel, Uncle Steepen, Uncle Brian, Catherine and Santa Claus!
However, when we got home, Randy was sick enough to go to the ER. Later, Christmas morning, he woke up with hives and swelling from the antibiotics they gave him. Good thing we had access to benadryl! Between my being in the hospital for Thanksgiving and Randy at Christmas, we're done with 2011. Still, we got good pictures of the kids.