Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kimmee and Dandoo

So... Being the two big kids while Caroline is at school is creating an interesting dynamic between these two. I always thought they might be close - having only 18 mos age difference. But there are time that I have to ask myself... what ARE they thinking?
Don't ask me what she was trying to do. I don't know and I'm not sure I want to know.

End of the Season

Beginning of the season, 115 degrees for a midday game. End of the season, 38 degrees for the early morning games. BUT the girls still had fun. I think soccer was really good for the family.

Cute Baby

I think Cambria is in the 1% .... in happiness :)

Use the Force

I couldn't resist

Turkey Trot

Because the Kingman Academy is smart, they have all of the kids participate in a run, a "Turkey Trot" the day before vacation; as if actual learning happens the day before Thanksgiving. It's actually really nice to see the 4 seperate schools all cheer for eachother at the finish line. The Primary school kids applauded the Middle Schoolers and the High School kids were really going wild for the 1st graders.....  Lots of smiles all around.
Running with your friends is much more fun than winning the T-shirt!
Cheering on the Middle School boys.

Poultry Performance

Kimmee's Preschool class had their first presentation for parents on Tuesday. It was actually quite well done considering that the age spread is 3-5 yrs and they only are in class 3 hours a day.
Hey Mom, can you make some of this after school? My teacher said they were "sweet" potatoes.

Who is this boy and why is he hugging (touching) my daughter. Gee, it starts so early.
I'm so excited! There's going to be cupcakes afterwards!