Monday, September 5, 2011

New Routine

With the girls in school, I get to spend the mornings with the 2 little ones. Andrew has really grown up and learned to enjoy his baby sister. Cambria, of course, loves any attention from her brother and sisters.

Cliff's Baptism

Congrats to Clifford on his Baptism. Its always nice to see a father baptize his son - Mega warm fuzzies all over. Cyndi also had a great dinner afterwards. She always has been able to throw a great party. It was just a wonderful rare occasion where all the Burks' grandkids were together.

From left to right: Clifford, Andrew, Caroline, Kimmee, Joseph, Katie, Eric

1st game of the season

The girls had their 1st soccer game ever. It was crazy trying to find our team amongst the 20 teams playing at the same time. The girls still have a lot to learn about the game, as does Mommy but the experience is fun so far.

Seeing the kids play is so worth the cost of registration and the trips to practice in the heat of the day, during dinner time :)