Thursday, January 29, 2009

Where to be found....

I know how you feel. Maybe this will help :)
It's surprising, the answers you can find when you just look.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Food Storage; It's Not Just for Your Hips!

Yes, we are heeding the prophets' council on food storage; Just do it! One last Christmas present to ourselves, Randy and I decided it would be greatly beneficial to acquire a can rotation rack. We picked ours up at, a company that specializes in long term food and storage equipment and offers a lot more variety than the church distribution center. Now when Randy and I decided to get one of these, it was for the purpose of organizing our food storage. Little did we know that it was really a elaborate plan by the church to keep little children from getting bored during the day.

Wee! Let's roll the can of baby formula down again!

Burger Princesses

The best thing about Burger King: The free crowns.

Family Search

Yeah! The church FINALLY opened up to the Las Vegas temple district, of which we are in, and the rest of the membership in the U.S. (from my understanding). Ever since Aunt Lynette showed me the benefits of this program the Thanksgiving before last, I have been drooling, chomping at the bit, and driving the branch familyhistory lady bonkers (which is nice for a change). But I digress.... I am so excited about this program because it helps me, and countless others, do exactly what I have been doing for the last 4 years; checking and cross-checking names, dates, and ordinances so that duplicate temple work is not done. Thank you President Hinkley! :)

Mommy, More Veggables

Who would have thought, in this era of fast paced food and sugar salt and fat filled yum-yums that my kids would ask for more broccoli and skip over Randy's delectable BBQ pork ribs. Actually this is a common occurrance. If it's green, the girls prefer it. Avacados, canned peas, snap peas, green beans and aforementioned broccoli. We have to tell the girls, you can't have any more broccoli until you finish your succulent hickory smoked tangy brown sugar and mollases laden pig butt! YUM! Maybe they're on to something :)

Desperate Domestic Housewife

On Thursday, my visiting creatures came over. Lorna, a grandmother of 6 and Ardee a great-grandmother of 50 know the challenges that face a mother of 3. My sweet little girls, during our visit, discovered some bags of dry beans that mom had left out. After a while they come into the living room and discover that it is fun to throw the surprisingly fragile plastic bags of beans. It only took 5 or 6 throws before the beans started spilling.

To solve the problem, I broke out the new sewing machine, sitting in the kitchen corner collecting dust, and learned how to thread the darned thing. WHY OH WHY do they have to make threading a sewing machine so gosh darned difficult? Now I understand why the Amish do everything by hand. They're not trying to cling to the simpler code of living, they're just frustrated with the freakin' machines!

So after 2 hours of much frustration, I finally get the machine going. I went to Grandma Pete's to steal some remnants for some bean bags, which she had, and then proceeded to lesson one of sewing in home-ec. I finished two bags, one just wouldn't work; the girls would fight over it and break the homely sack of legumes.

Now I think that my bean bags are just adorable and should be sold at some high priced retail establishment like Gymboree or Pottery Barn. Well it just so happens there is a asthetic requirement that my bags did not fill. I guess my girls will have to play with my designer remnant bean bags instead. Eat your heart out Versace.