Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bye Bye Bee Bee

I am SO sad! I bought this beautiful flowering tree for my yard. It's a purple locust tree which handles both drought and freezing. I thought that I had finally hit the jackpot as far as pretty desert trees go. This morning, in my attempt at a normal life as a SAHM, I thought that I would go outside. I saw my little treeling, ready to be planted... with big chunks cut of the leaves. I looked for the caterpillar culprits, all the while shewing away the pesky bees that were buzzing near my ear. Low and behold.... IT WAS THE DARNED BEES (which also happened to be Africanized honey bees aka killer bees)! They were chewing my beautiful tree leaves! Luckily the girls didn't bother the bees into a frenzy.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I wonder....

What does it feel like to be my cell phone?

Nasty Case of Lazy Bumitis

I'm trying to kick my rear into gear. After two weeks of either being ill, or caring for the 4 ill kids (Randy is a big kid) I've totally lost my umph that I brought back with me from Cali.

The girls had their first trip to the dentist yestderday. Kimmee cried. They ended up polishing her teeth while I held her. I'm beginning to think that this "recommend the dentist visit at two years old" is a pot shot from the M.D.'s to the D.D.S.'s. Caroline rather, was very tense throughout the visit, but actually did very well. No crying. Lot's of four-year-old bravery. Afterwards the doc gave the girls a coin purse, a sticker, an award for no cavities, a kid-sized spin brush, and a t-shirt (with his advertisement on the back, of course). The office was also nicely equipped with brand new toys, a video game system, a t.v., rocking horse, kid castle and dora and princess lounge chairs. Looks like I picked the right dentist the first time :)