Sunday, September 11, 2011

Taking Pictures

One of the great things about digital cameras is that your kids can take as many pictures as they want without wasting any paper. However, sometimes when looking at the pictures they take can make you wonder.
For instance, today, the girls took a picture of their favorite cartoon, Voltron: Defenders of the Universe. But you just have to wonder about this frame.

My Favorite Things

Community soccer has some great advantages....
Great picture moments
Great friends
Boys chasing your daughter? I guess it starts early.

My Litte Man

It's fun to play with Andrew during the day. We get to talk a lot, walk at the park, and tackle chores together. He recently pointed out that our bear needed new clothes so he got to change them all himself, something he usually has to share with his sisters.
We often do so much during the day, we neglect to take a nap. This results in some unexpected side-effects.


Caroline was prescribed some glasses to help ease eye strain during reading. She's totally jazzed that they both help her read better as well as their color; purple! She makes the glasses look good :)